Crossing a bridge from a Cub Scout Pack to a Boy Scout Troop is a symbolic act.  Often a Crossover Ceremony sends Cub Scouts to walk across a mini-bridge to symbolize their move to Boy Scouts (think of it as a Cub Scout graduation)  

 STEM has been part of Scouting since its very beginnings—building a fire, identifying plants and animals, pioneering, and orienteering are all STEM activities.  

Cub-X full weekend of fun!

Programs included Carnival Games, BB Shooting, Rock Climbing, Rappelling,  Midway Exhibits, 1800’s Frontier Village, Fishing, Canoeing, Scout Skills, Bounce Houses, Adventure Rides, Nature Training,  Friday Night Astronomy demonstration & a Saturday night campfire featuring a 4th of July style fireworks presentation.  

Sleeping with the Fishes! Fun-filled sleepover at the Tampa Aquarium.

Doing service projects together is one way that Scouts keep their promise "to help other people."

Scouts are recognized for their achievements and look forward to end of the year advancement party

Learn to live in the outdoors. Camping takes you on exciting adventures into the natural world.

Cub Scouts get out and about with many kinds of outdoor fun, such as field trips to a fire house.

Cub Scouts raise money for their pack by holding fundraisers such as the annual Pancake Breakfast.